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    Hiking and Backpacking on the Tahoe National Forest

    Hiking and backpacking get you up close and personal with the great outdoors. You notice the small things; the lichen growing on the trees, the tiny mammal footprints crossing the trail in front of you, the sound of scolding chipmunks.

    Hikers are advised to carry plenty of water and snacks for day hikes. Consider carrying a water filter or be prepared to boil surface water as all water sources should be considered contaminated with micro-organisms that can make you ill. Wear shoes with good support and be aware of wildlife and insects in the area. 

    Each area is unique and offers opportunities for all levels of hiking. So what are you waiting for, get out there and start walking. The journey is its own reward!

    Below are a selection of some of our most popular trails, broken down by travel corridor.

    Bowman Road

    Bowman Road

    o  Baltimore Lake

    o  Blue Lake Trail

    o  Bowman Mountain Trail

    o  Bowman Trail

    o  Bullpen Trail

    o  Crooked Lakes Trail

    o  Five Lakes Basin Trail

    o  Glacier Lake Trail

    o  Grouse Ridge Trail

    o  Lindsey Lake Trail

    o  Loney Meadows Trail

    o  Round Lake Trail

    o  Spaulding Lake Trail

    Foresthill Divide Road

    Foresthill Divide Road

    o  American River Trail

    o  Beacroft Trail

    o  Deadwood to Michigan Bluff Trail

    o  Euchre Bar Trail and Trailhead

    o  Green Valley Trail

    o  Italian Bar Trail

    o  Joshua M. Hardt Memorial Trail at Sugar Pine

    o  Little Bald Mountain Trail

    o  Mumford Bar Trail

    o  Sailor Flat Trail

    o  Tevis Cup Trail

    Gold Lake Road

    Gold Lake Road

    o  Butcher Ranch Trail

    o  Church Meadow Loop Trail

    o  Deer Lake Trail

    o  Haskell Peak Trail

    o  Hawley Lake Trail

    o  Hawley Mine Trail

    o  Howard Trail

    o  Mills Peak Trail

    o  Salmon Lake Trailhead

    o  Sand Pond Interpretive Trail

    o  Sierra Buttes Trail

    o  Spencer Lakes Trail

    o  Tamarack Lake Trail

    o  Upper Salmon Lake Trail

    Highway 20

    Highway 20

    o  Alpha Omega Observation Site

    o  Dascombe Trail

    o  Doolittle Trail

    o  Excelsior Trail

    o  Gold Country Trailhead

    o  Hallelujah Trail

    o  Last Chance Nordic Trail

    o  Lower Diamond Nordic Trail

    o  Meyer Trail

    o  Missouri Bar Trail

    o  Omega Nordic Trail

    o  Omega Trail

    o  Pfeiffer Trail

    o  Pioneer Trail

    o  Ridge Run Nordic Trail

    o  Ridge Trail

    o  Rock Creek Nature Trail

    o  South Yuba Ridge Trail

    o  South Yuba Trail

    o  Stanton Trail

    o  Telemark Pond Nordic Trail

    o  Towle Mill Loop Trail

    o  Upper Diamond Nordic Trail

    o  Washington Overlook Observation Site

    Highway 49

    Highway 49

    o  Bear Trap Meadow Trail

    o  Big Boulder Trail

    o  Brandy City Pond Trail

    o  Bunker Hill Trail

    o  Canyon Creek Trail

    o  Chapman Creek Trail

    o  Chimney Rock Trail

    o  Devils Postpile Trail

    o  Downie River Trail

    o  Downieville Mt Bike & Hiker Trailhead

    o  Empire Creek Trail

    o  Fiddle Creek Ridge Trail

    o  Fir Cap Trail

    o  First Divide Trail

    o  Gibraltar Mine Trail

    o  Halls Ranch Trail

    o  Haskell Peak Trail

    o  Haypress Creek Trail

    o  Kelly Bar Trail

    o  Lafayette Ridge Trail

    o  Loves Falls

    o  Lunch Creek Nordic Trail

    o  North Yuba Trail

    o  Pauley Creek Trail

    o  Plum Valley Ditch Trail

    o  Plumbago Trail

    o  Rocky Rest Trailhead

    o  Sandusky Trail

    o  Second Divide Trail

    o  Slate Range Bar Trail

    o  Slug Canyon Trail

    o  Smithneck Creek

    o  Sunnyside Meadow Trail

    o  Tehama Trail

    o  Tennessee Ravine Trail

    o  Third Divide Trail

    o  Three Knobs Nordic Trail

    o  Truckee Ditch Trail

    o  Wild Plum Loop Trail

    o  Wild Plum Pct Trailhead

    Highway 89, North

    Highway 89, North

    o  Badenaugh Canyon Trail

    o  Bald Ridge Loop Trail

    o  Donner Camp Picnic Site and Interpretive Trail

    o  Little Lasier Pacific Crest Trail Access

    o  Loyalton/Boca Railroad Trail

    o  Mt. Lola Trail

    o  Overland Emigrant Commemorative Trail

    o  Ridge Loop Trail

    o  Rim Loop Trail

    o  Treasure Mountain Loop Trail

    o  Webber Falls

    o  Webber Lake

    o  Wheeler Loop Trail at Kyburz Flat

    o  White Rock Lake

    o  Yuba Webber Trail

    Highway 89, South

    Highway 89, South

    o  Barker Pass Pacific Crest Trailhead

    o  Bear Creek Trail

    o  Bear Pen Trail

    o  Big Spring Trail

    o  Deer Creek Trail

    o  Five Lakes Creek Trail

    o  Five Lakes Trail

    o  Granite Chief Trail

    o  Hellhole Trail

    o  Powderhorn Trail

    o  Rubicon Trail

    o  Squaw Saddle Trail

    o  Western State Tahoe Rim Tie Trail

    o  Western States Trail

    Interstate 80

     Interstate 80

    o  Boca Historic Townsite Interpretive Trail

    o  Cherry Point Trail

    o  Cold Stream Trail

    o  Donner Lake Rim Trail

    o  Donner Summit Pac Crest Trailhead

    o  Euchre Bar North Trailhead

    o  Fordyce Foot Trail

    o  Glacier Lakes Basin Trail

    o  Glacier Meadow Loop Trail

    o  Glacier Meadow Trailhead

    o  Heath Falls Overlook Trail

    o  Hole in The Ground Trail

    o  Indian Springs Trailhead

    o  Loch Leven Trail

    o  Long Valley Trail

    o  Lower Lola Montez Trail

    o  Mossy Pond East Trail

    o  Mossy Pond West Trail

    o  Mt. Judah Loop Trail

    o  Painted Rock Trail

    o  Palisades Creek Trail

    o  Pierce Creek Wetland Trailhead

    o  Salmon Lake Trail

    o  Sandridge Lake Trail

    o  Sawtooth Trail

    o  Signal Peak Trail

    o  Sterling Trail

    o  Summit Lake Trail

    o  Upper Lola Montez Trail

    Marysville Road

    Marysville Road

    o  Bullards Trail

    o  Eight Ball Trail

    o  Rebel Ridge Trail

    o  Schoolhouse Trail

    o  Seven Ball Trail

    Mosquito Ridge Road

    Mosquito Ridge Road

    o  Big Trees Nature Trail

    o  Forest View Trail

    o  Greyhorse Trail

    o  Grouse Falls Overlook Trail

    o  McGuire Trail (segment of Western States Trail)

    o  Mosquito Ridge Trail

    o  North Fork of the Middle Fork American River Trail

    o  Shanks Cove Trail