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    Winter is a great time to explore the Sierra Nevada. Many miles of roads and trails on the Forest offer excellent cross-country skiing and snowmobiling routes. Several commercial downhill ski resorts are operated with special-use permits on National Forest land. Snowplay and sledding can be enjoyed near many of the major highways.

    Weather Can Change Rapidly

    In all your winter recreation, remember to plan carefully and use safety precautions. Winter in the Sierra is harsh, and conditions can change rapidly. Without thorough preparation, a brisk winter weekend of fun can turn into tragedy. Take the extra time to plan carefully. Carry the extra weight for possible weather changes.

    Before You Leave Home

    • Check your equipment.
    • Notify a friend or relative of your route and expected time of return.
    • Plan your route carefully to avoid avalanche-prone areas. 
    • Avoid steep terrain on open slopes and in narrow canyons.
    • Check weather and avalanche forecasts.

    Parking Your Car

    Since parking areas must be plowed, the number of spaces are limited. Plan to arrive early for best parking. Do not park on major highways or block any roadway or driveway. Tickets and tow-aways are the result of illegal parking. This is for your safety and the safety of others. Do not leave valuables in view.

    On the Trail

    Keep warm and dry. Know your ability and stay within your limits. Don't venture too far from your group. Follow your map and take notice of prominent landmarks. Turn back before you get too tired. Avoid skiing or snowmobiling alone. 

    Nature Dictates Conditions

    Unless otherwise indicated, the ski routes mentioned here are not groomed winter recreation trails. Most routes are not marked or signed. Use common sense and watch for potential danger signs in all aspects of your outing, including the terra

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